Today is the third week at home after quitting my job and I’ve trying to uncover how to be the person I want to be and what the true meaning of success is for me.
These past weeks have been sent, watching Ted, Youtube, and listening to the Great Courses Audio books trying to bring in the context of the reason for my dissatisfaction with my work life and discovering the true meaning of success and motivation.

I wanted to share some principles below of what I think is needed in order to be fulfilled in life and I hope to use this blog in order to expand on concepts and ideas so that others can benefit from my path of growth,

Principles to Success:

– Motivation: This is  often something many of us struggle with, and its simple create a goal but a goal that has meaningful purpose

– Life Purpose: Find out what your life purpose is by understanding your chore values enables motivation and focus to fall into place leading to a state of flow or what some say getting in the zone.

– Focus and Determination: lead by motivation which is lead by meaningful purpose.

– Psychology of Self: Understanding yourself. Its time to reflect on how you react to your circumstances and your environment. Do you make yourself accountable for your actions? Do you learn from your mistakes or do you fall with your mistakes?

– Creativity and Conformity: It is said to stem from Darwinism that is in the evolutionary nature of ourselves I learnt that both creativity and conformity aid in the progress of our tribe –  Creativity enables us to be sensitive to our changing environment and adapt whilst conformity holds us all together, creates learning and enables replication of ideas.

– Strategic Thinking: the ability to think a few steps ahead and make decisions today that enable you to move in the right direction and open doors to the places you want to be.

– Managing emotions and Negative thoughts: Quite often we are held back and lose our health due to stress, this was one of my biggest issues but sometimes what we perceive to be ‘stress’ could all be in our heads. Stress is a big issue and many jobs require that you manage stress well or your are stress resistant. I hope to talk more about stress in the blog as I think its something allot of us struggle with.

– Connection and grounding: Being connected to others, not judging, always motivating and help each other through collaboration gives a deeper sense of well being and purpose. Grounding I discovered which relates to stress. When stressed your mind and body are out of balance  grounding is about getting back the balance so everything in your mind and body works in harmony.

– Learning: understand what you want to do next and finding out how to gain the tools for learning. Mastering something is only achieved through a period of time and in little steps.  I like the thought of having a tool box and adding small skills here and there, I really think will push progress to success.

So those are my current principles whilst listening to Ted Talks,  videos on YouTube and the Great Courses : Stress management, Creativity tool box and how we learn on and looking to my environment.

If you have anything else to share on what you think success is please do comment below.