” Optimists believe they will succeed, but also believe they have to make success happen”

I found Heidi Halverson who writes blogs for Psychology Today and has written several books on the subject of success.

Heidi research that there was a period of time when children were told they could do anything they wanted to and they would be good at everything – it turns out that they miss the link that is you can be good at anything but you also need to work at it. Seems so simple, but how many of us stop and feel frustrated because we are not good at something, because we don’t know. Its all about growth you can’t just visualize being good and something you have to find the tools to make it happen, the people who can help you understand the strategies to move you forward,

Radio 4 recently aired a topic titled ‘Brain science and education’ and here they talked about the myths of the neuro science and the assumption  years ago when scientist based their findings on animal brains and thought the brain doesn’t grow beyond childhood it stops growing, however recent studies have show this incorrect  the brain has been shown to increase connections between nerons, and as far as I remember create new connections. A famous taxi cab study shows that the hippocampus is enlarged in London taxi drivers thought to be an effect of the extensive training, in contrast London bus drivers who do not have such training haven’t the effect.

Carol Dweck a professor at Stanford passionately tells us

” The growth of your brain is in your own hands”

I have experience myself at the age of 33, of growth. I  was average  at school and  didn’t pursue an academic route.  However, though  life and travel I’ve discovered and adapted and learnt new ways, improved my knowledge and skills something that takes allot of time for someone with a nerodevelopmental disorder. Notable changes started happening when I focused more on learning and I noticed a complete change in a matter of years. Let me just add that people with dyspraxia and dyslexia or ADHD are not always behind, they will get there with perseverance, patience and time. If this wasn’t the case, I’ld still be struggling to tie my shoelaces, crash into curbs on the bike and be unable to tell the time.


Losing less stuff: I’ve been more present, paying more attention that means I lose less things. When I was a child I was losing things all the time and realized this wasn’t a very happy situation for me, especially going home and having to tell my mum!

A more philosophical in my way of thinking, meeting new people who debated and discussed through observations I learnt how to debate, this was never taught to me at school. I just sat there watched and then joined in after a few more evenings, at first I didn’t have a clue and then over time I just got into it.. and couldn’t stop!

Increased  focus and better reflexes: Simply by living in Amsterdam and riding a bike. Firstly I was nervous and crashing into everything the next month had developed a better spatial awareness. You’ll only understand if you have seen the craziness of the streets in Amsterdam. **2017 addition** I have been brave enough to ride a bike in London and I’m pretty confident now.

Deeper Reading and Understanding of Text:  After taking Modern & Contemporary American Poetry from University of Pennsylvania, I understand the benefit of taking the time to read text, understanding deeper concepts, learning through peer evaluation and online discussions really changed the way I viewed education. I’m not perfect by any means but definitely progressed further in my critical thinking which was not very developed

Developing New Stratigies for Learning: This I’ve recently started developing this due to games.  I played games before, yet only now I realized that I was doing the same thing over and over again and feeling depressed that I kept losing – This time I changed my mind, I noticed what was working and I tried different ways to to see if it made any difference. Working on timed games enabled this ability to develop faster and at last I was winning were before I would give up! I realized that When you can reflect and act quickly making small changes here and there you succeed faster.

This is a short list and I realize there is probably allot I’ve missed out. What I do know is in only a few years I’ve discovered ways to learn faster but also deeper, retaining more knowledge but also connecting meanings and my own connections to. Over time this has its made my life more enriched and less depressive


Newly added section: 2017 age of 35.

2 years at university I’ve found that:

I managed to finish and start a piece of work

I’ve successfully written 4,000 words although  my brain couldn’t stretch to an actual argument I was pleased to have finished it on time and couldn’t believe I had managed to write so many words.

Managed to battle procrastination (still ongoing but getting better)

Managed to develop a better writing style. I can at least understand to write in short sentences. Grammar is a whole other story.

Managed to get a few firsts! Whoop!

I’ve learnt to visualise work in my mind, in order to organise it on the page.

I’ve managed to meet all my deadlines. Success!

I know my brain has changed in some ways because when I read a novel I can remember what happened in the start of the story and can finally see the different connections and predict what happens next, this is not something I was ever able to do. Evidence that something is happening and changing.

I will update again in a year!