Greeks chose poverty, let them have their way says Francesco Giavazzi.

Francesco feel’s its “pretty clear” that Greece  is concentrating on patronage rather the modernity and apparently Germany is spending too much time negotiating with them, therefore he thinks that Greece should be out of the EU. Its not quite clear how they would appease the EU other then concentrating on ‘Modernizing’ Which in Francesco’s opinion would resolve the world of problems for Greece, as of course modernization has resolved the global issues we face today.

It irks me that economist’s always have these opinions,  yet for years and years have still not been able to stop the downturns and austerity, what is the point of going to university and coming up with the same system over and over again. Imagine in physics or any other field of education continuing an experiment for a over a 100 years and never making any changes? It just doesn’t work.

So.. moving back to the advise Francesco  think’s that Greece should concentrate on Unemployment and Immigration and thus become modernized.

I say let Greece be poor in wealth but rich in soul.

If Greece turns to Modernity today:

Greece could start designing pointless app’s or find new in-genius ways to sell crap to people on the web, they could join the smart phone revolution (IE how to sell more pointless products and apps and marketing designed for Mobile phones instead). Maybe they could find new way’s to grow food from seeds that only last a year and have less nutritional value or keeping millions of animals and killing them in horrific ways for cheap meat full of chemicals to ensure the further rise of obesity and general unhealthiness. There is another opening for designing clothes and products and trying to find the ‘the best’ third world country that will offer up their children to spend their lives in a dark factory to ensure maximum profit’s. Maybe they could join in with “finding” new illnesses to ‘create’ new drugs cause that’s a profit maker. Maybe they could be heartless and join in with creating wars and then not help the people in boats who’s homes they had destroyed in the process. Maybe they should become cold and focused on profit.

Though I do agree with Francesco leaving the EU could be path to Freedom. So we shall see what the future brings and hopefully with it some humility and kindness. As the Indian said, one day you will realize you cannot eat money.

That’s modernization in a nut shell (its not all that bad some people are doing good but those people ain’t thinking about capitalism or aspiration).

My hope is that Greece does not modernize, instead it remains close to the land, growing real food and supporting its people that way, maybe even create more philosophers and artists as well. It would make me happy because at least somewhere in the world there will be lands that are untainted, humble simple and a joy to be.