Roger McGough – Book Cafe

An excerpt from Book Cafe BBC radio Scotland.

Do you worry that children now don’t get the chance to be as creative and free to think?

I do, I’m quite annoyed in England now they are talking about the new baccalaureate just runing it for the arts. I am such a believer that arts should be the centre of our education.

They are saying now that 40% of children now at school, the jobs they will eventually go into are yet to be invented. So what’s the point of just pushing facts and figures down their throats so you have to train for young people to be creative and that means imaginative learning to be adaptable.

You hear people saying about sorry but librarys we need to shut them we can’t afford them, its cuts. Anyway  information is now available at the touch of the button.Yeah  of course but it’s imagination that we’re talking about and thats what librarys provide it feeds the imagination.

People just don’t see it.

So many of our polticians and councils don’t see what you talking about  when you say things like creativity or  imagination they don’t understand it.

Why do you think we are always coming up with that attitude? That the arts are like a luxury item which you append onto whatever else you have room but the rest is used for core subjects?

I think people take up jobs that control us, and they tend to be men and they tend to be men who like football they tend to call the shots and its always been this way. I’ve nothing against football but they just don’t see it, its very hard to make your points without appearing to soppy.

Friends on mine say that poetry is good but it doesn’t put food on the table, they say what’s the point.

Its all economic.