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Alive Again — April 14, 2017

Alive Again

Sometimes I’m so harsh on myself, often its hard for me to revise. More often then not my grades go up and down. Today I started going back in my head, nostaliga  listening to music I listened to when I was young, when I was dreaming. I remembered that I never was dreaming about anything in particular, I wasn’t setting a goal, I wasn’t wanting an end, I was just there in my mind and I love it here. Now I’m back there, and when you really get into music your realize what lives all about. What I liked most about my youth was that I lived, I lived because I felt. That’s when I realize I won’t be an amazing academic, unless knowledge floats into the dream, I can’t force my mind to be anything else. Well I could, but this is when I feel so alive when the spirit takes me. Today I looked at everyone around me and fell in love. All I have to say is that I lived, and how I know I’ve lived is when I can smile about nothing and everything. The knowledge it’ll be there, it might not come out at university, but it’ll come out for whoever really needs it and that’s all that matters.